Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Rush Birth

A friend of mine said (to a friend in labor)  "hang in there don't want to rush a VBAC and I give you so much props for doing what you are doing!"  Now this friend meant it.  You don't rush birth.  When you do, you end up with more interventions, more babies in the NICU, and ultimately, more c-sections.  Why are we so impatient?

Lack of education.  I found it shocking that 75 percent of mothers actually think that 34 to 36 weeks is full-term. (although it is really 39 to 40 weeks)  Thankfully, hospitals are starting to ban elective inductions before 39 weeks.  Even friends I know that go into labor naturally are induced further because things aren't moving "fast enough."  Labor can last anywhere from 10 minutes (I have read about this) to 72+ hours.  When we induce, we are augmenting the natural process of labor.  Induction causes longer, stronger contractions that can cause your babies heart rate to drop (end; c-section), most likely causing you to need an epidural. (which can cause; a drop in blood pressure, shivering, ringing of the ears, backache, soreness where the needle is inserted or nausea just to name a few) Some find that having an epidural makes pushing more difficult and can increase interventions such as: forceps, vacuum extraction or cesarean sections.  Why are women volunteering for this?

I have read countless times that "I was induced with all 3, 4, or 5 of my kids."  Why?  We take such good care of our unborn babies by avoiding sushi, lunch meat, alcohol, eggs over easy, brie and rare steaks.  We go to countless doctor appointment, take prenatal vitamins, fish oil, eat a ton of protein, walk, do kegels and take yoga. So, why are we willing to let them be exposed to epidural drugs, induction drugs and deprive them of nutrients (food/drink) while we are in labor?  I know why I ended up with the induced, epidural, cesarean birth.  Lack of education.  The only book I read was What to Expect When you're Expecting.  (which you can pretty much throw in the trash)  I also didn't do the work.  I didn't exercise, watch what I was eating, or mentally prepare.  I assumed all doctors wanted things to happen naturally.  (sigh)

Are the last few weeks of pregnancy THAT terrible?  (anyone out there who is 41 weeks pregnant is saying yes)  I guess what I should be asking is:  Are the last few weeks of pregnancy so terrible that we would risk our babies choosing their birthday, having our births be intervention free (if possible)  or us going through major abdominal surgery?  I don't think so.   I hope those reading will learn to accept pregnancy as a temporary, beautiful state in which we learn to be as patient as possible.  We will all need that patience when our babies do choose to arrive.


  1. Milicent Dawn ObbardsSeptember 15, 2011 at 5:55 PM

    some people have 5 kids?!!
    i really do enjoy reading your blogs jesse and find your declarations not only admirable but also refreshing, in that someone stands for something. i hope you get to squeeze the next one out your vag' in all its pain and glory! may the vbac be with you!

  2. As a woman of five children who had them all naturally, I say, "Way To Go!" Three of my births were with a midwife. The first and last births were in the hospital. The first because I couldn't find a midwife and the last because we had complications, but my midwife stood beside me all the way and kept one obnoxious nurse from taking my baby out of my room. I hope your next birth goes well. Natural birth is really the best way, and unfortunately, sometimes we have to read, study, and talk ourselves into it!! :)


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