Wednesday, September 27, 2017

37 Weeks!

Now, don't get all excited.  People hear 37 weeks and they think "oh wow, a baby at any moment!" Which is just not true for most women.  I've done a great job of mentally preparing myself that I could very well have 5 weeks left.  The only problem is that my body is very much 9 months pregnant and the aches and pains and discomforts are catching up with me.  Why do kids leave everything on the floor?  One of these days I'm going to count how many times I bend over in one day.  Oye.

And now for the pregnancy update!  So far I've only gained about 15 lbs, which is half of what I gained the past 2 times.  (I gained about 70 with my first)  Baby is doing great and measured at 6 1/2lbs at my 36 week ultrasound where we checked to make sure she was head down.  I swear this baby has a round booty because normally I'm pretty good at telling baby positioning.  My blood pressure remains normal.  I pulled/strained a stomach muscle last week that kicked my butt.  It happened twice.  It went away as mysteriously as it came.  I called my provider and talked to one of the midwives and took Tylenol, drank water, rested, and iced the sore muscle.  After a few hours I felt fine again.  I've been using kinesiology tape and its been helping.  It also removed some skin in one area when I removed it, ouch!  The worst part about the muscle is that it has triggered my anxiety.  I'm working on that the best I can.

This weekend my friend is hosting a small blessingway for this sweet baby and next weekend I'm getting henna done by the wonderful woman who did my henna last time.  It feels good to slow down and celebrate this miracle.  I hope to share pictures from both!

I have crossed most things off my to do list:

write out a birth plan for this baby- DONE

chat with birth photographer- DONE

write a postpartum plan

meal prep for that postpartum time- I honestly think a costco run is the only thing thats going to happen. 

mentally prepare for actually having to birth another baby- Somewhat done

pack hospital bag- DONE

I can't wait to add that beautiful henna to this belly!  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

30 week update

Most recent photo- 30ish weeks
I figured I better get an update in before I have the baby, because life is just crazy.  2 weeks ago I had another ultrasound and my placenta has moved into a safe zone for delivery.  Yay!  Baby girl is measuring right on track and looks healthy.  She's really stepped up the movement the past few weeks, which I am thankful for, it makes me feel better.  I think I've gained around 10 lbs but I'm not really sure.  Feeling pretty good overall, so much better even in my 3rd trimester than I felt the ENTIRE pregnancy last time.  I'm pretty exhausted by the end of the day but honestly who isn't when its 110 degrees outside.  I also had to stop my power yoga classes which I mourned for 3 weeks before trying out an amazing prenatal class!  I'm so happy I did and today my almost 3 year old and I went to a mommy and me class that was wonderful.

I just finished reading Ancient Map for Modern Birth, the new book by Pam England, and I have a few exercises in it that I want to do in preparation for this baby.  I hope to write a whole post reviewing the book but I can't make any promises because I don't want to break them.  But I will do my best!

My hypothetical to do list:

write out a birth plan for this baby

chat with birth photographer

write a postpartum plan

meal prep for that postpartum time

mentally prepare for actually having to birth another baby

pack hospital bag

I think thats all for now, hopefully I'll be writing soon.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Baby Girl #4 on the way!

 Baby Girl #4
Well here I am more than halfway through my pregnancy and I haven't even blogged about it!  I'm 'due' in October.  I keep telling myself I'll have a baby by Halloween, so if its not Halloween, don't ask "have you had the baby yet?"  I'm feeling so much better than I did last pregnancy and I am very thankful for that.  I've been able to work out still (I started Buti yoga classes more than a year ago, its a killer workout, you should try it.  Think cardio mixed with music and yoga poses.) and I'm just now busting out of my clothes.  I'm still dealing with horrible heartburn and food aversions but I'll take it! Because compared to the crippling exhausting, constant nausea and antepartum depression that I had last time, its a walk in the park!

We found out a few weeks ago that this is baby is a girl!  My older ones are so excited and I've been splurging on cute outfits.  Mostly second hand, but it still counts.  Luckily a friend is filling in the sizes that I don't have.  There's something about a 6 month old baby that makes me decide that I am done having kids and that I should get rid of all my baby belongings.  Every. Time.
The ultrasound went mostly ok.  This is the first time I've had any thing that warranted a second ultrasound. First, there was a cyst on the babies brain.  Second, my placenta is too low.  Not low enough to be placenta previa, but too low for a vaginal delivery at this point.  I went back 2 weeks after the original ultrasound and thankfully the cyst is gone!  My placenta has not moved yet but it has plenty of time.  We're going to re-check in 6 weeks or so.
Buti Glow party!

Now I haven't had any depression this round, but I have had bouts of anxiety.  Mostly about random things with my kids.  Sometimes I swear this baby doesn't move and that gets me worried.  She hangs out in the weirdest places and seems to be calmer than any of my other babies.  So far.  I also keep worrying about my hospital stay post delivery.  I don't think I wrote much about it, but after my 3rd was born I was pushed around by a hospital pediatrician and we almost had to leave AMA.  A night nurse also gave her formula even though there was pumped colostrum sitting out.  It was stressful and unwarranted.  I'm sure we'll have another jaundice baby and I am trying to calm those fears.  We have a plan this time around, and the hospital has the bililights in the room now if needed.
Half way!

Well, that is all for now!  I will try to update before this baby is born, but I'm also trying not to commit to much since we have a busy summer, we need to buy 2 'new' cars, my husband has some work trips and I have 2 kids starting a new school this year.  So, we'll see.  I'm making sure this year is focused on family and saying 'no' when its in my best interest. I also need to spend some time focusing on this new baby and blogging about her helps me do that.  I'm about halfway through Pam Englands new book Ancient Map for Modern Birth and it has a lot of exercises I plan on utilizing! Here's some pics of the growing girl!