Wednesday, September 27, 2017

37 Weeks!

Now, don't get all excited.  People hear 37 weeks and they think "oh wow, a baby at any moment!" Which is just not true for most women.  I've done a great job of mentally preparing myself that I could very well have 5 weeks left.  The only problem is that my body is very much 9 months pregnant and the aches and pains and discomforts are catching up with me.  Why do kids leave everything on the floor?  One of these days I'm going to count how many times I bend over in one day.  Oye.

And now for the pregnancy update!  So far I've only gained about 15 lbs, which is half of what I gained the past 2 times.  (I gained about 70 with my first)  Baby is doing great and measured at 6 1/2lbs at my 36 week ultrasound where we checked to make sure she was head down.  I swear this baby has a round booty because normally I'm pretty good at telling baby positioning.  My blood pressure remains normal.  I pulled/strained a stomach muscle last week that kicked my butt.  It happened twice.  It went away as mysteriously as it came.  I called my provider and talked to one of the midwives and took Tylenol, drank water, rested, and iced the sore muscle.  After a few hours I felt fine again.  I've been using kinesiology tape and its been helping.  It also removed some skin in one area when I removed it, ouch!  The worst part about the muscle is that it has triggered my anxiety.  I'm working on that the best I can.

This weekend my friend is hosting a small blessingway for this sweet baby and next weekend I'm getting henna done by the wonderful woman who did my henna last time.  It feels good to slow down and celebrate this miracle.  I hope to share pictures from both!

I have crossed most things off my to do list:

write out a birth plan for this baby- DONE

chat with birth photographer- DONE

write a postpartum plan

meal prep for that postpartum time- I honestly think a costco run is the only thing thats going to happen. 

mentally prepare for actually having to birth another baby- Somewhat done

pack hospital bag- DONE

I can't wait to add that beautiful henna to this belly!  

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