Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Birth of H- Dans perspective

What should I be doing right now and what should I be getting ready for.

Where is the damn cell phone.

Pushing! Your not supposed to be pushing!

I REALLY wish our doula was here right now.

Do not get a ticket driving to the hospital.

Oh my, I see part of a baby.


Don't forget to take pictures.



Sure, I would be happy to pull the baby the rest of the way out and put her on Jesse's chest.

Hey, it is past midnight! I have a birthday twin.


  1. I'm really happy for you two! Its kinda like the end of Rocky or that one part in Braveheart, seeing your family grow makes me get dirt in my eye.
    I could slather on some more gooey love, but lets get interesting. You're a breeder now, and I like the direction you're heading. I can't wait to see what comes of this ginger-girl-army thing you've got going on. Are you going to have a couple more? I'm imagining a glorious confluence of events where you have four teenage red headed daughters dealing with puberty, meanwhile Jesse decides she's had enough of your shit and decides to take up painting full-time. Too far fetched? Stand by homie...
    And what happens when one of them wants to do what daddy does? I'm no parenting expert, but I'm pretty sure its not healthy to nurture the introverted, obsessive, self-absorbed tendencies it takes to be a good programmer. My advice? Beauty pageants. Toddlers in Tiaras by day, C# by night.
    All silliness aside, congratulations Danarino! (I'm not into that whole brevity thing) I wish you the best buddy.

  2. Hahaha...I know and thanks Aaron!


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